Monday, July 16, 2012

Private Hospital web-design

The web design layout was made for Isis Medical Center located in Constanta, Romania. Isis Medical center is a private hospital managed by the well known and respected gynecologist, dr. Mohamed Zaher. Unlike any other private institution in Romania, dr. Mohamed Zaher has succeed in accomplishing many social programs like: "Donatori de zambete" (trad. Smile Donors), "10 Oameni de Valoare pentru Constanta" (trad. 10 Most Valuable People in Constanta), "Iunie cu Bucurie" (trad. June with Joy) and many more.  You can see the webdesign layout at full size: Home page, Hospital Blog, Personal Blog, Services, Club page, Social Program page.
There was no brief about the design itself (only at the information/text level).
Soon, the web design will be online at