Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Midas Studios

Who are you?
Midas Studios is a commercial recording studio located in Vaasa, Finland. We offer full service music and post production. We are currently building a brand new recording studio and need to update and/or create a whole new look for our brand.

What do you need?
We need a cool and professional logo that is recognizable and makes us stand out. Ideally the logo should represent our company in a way that makes it clear we are a premier recording studio and work mainly in the music and/or post production industry. The logo should work well on both black and white backgrounds. We have an old logo but it needs to be updated or entirely re-designed and look like 2010 instead of 1995..! We have grown tired of the "orange" color so please avoid similar colors. Using a "gold type color" for some part of the logo could be an idea since the name Midas could refer to King Midas. (King Midas is known in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold.) We will use the new logo on all our stationary materials, such as invoices, contracts, business cards etc. It will of course also be used on our company website and in marketing campaigns.
The logo should also work well on clothing, mugs, pens etc.

Who Is Your Audience?
Our audience is primarily record companies, music producers, musicians, bands, orchestras, choirs etc. We are also interested in targeting all sorts of movie and media production companies as well as game developers. The logo should be professional enough to catch the eyes of the A&R execs, as well as cool enough for musicians to wear on their back.

We Like These Examples
Apple logo, because it is simple but effective and easy to recognize.

We Absolutely Must Have
- A kick ass logo design. ;)
- The studio name "Midas Studios". "Studios" can be a smaller font if your design calls for it.
- We added the Midas Productions logo under materials so you can use the icons in it if you would like to develop that idea. It is exactly the same as Midas Studios logo except for the name...